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Meet Karen Cross

Bubbly, energetic, exciting, passionate, humorous, powerful, warm, sincere, and anointed - just a few of the words used to describe the heart and ministry of Karen Cross.  Believing that the Word of God is anointed to set the captive free and to bind up the broken-hearted, she boldly speaks about the fullness of God's power in every meeting, packing every event with hilarious stories and dramatic, miraculous testimonies.  As she puts it, "Nothing is more thrilling than proclaiming the Word of God and having the Lord work with us, confirming His Word through signs following!"

An ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Karen has been singing and teaching for over 30 years, proclaiming the good news that Jesus Christ is alive today!  Appearing on television, radio, and in concerts across the country, she shares with every audience the power and integrity of God's anointed, uncompromising Word.  A special anointing to pray for women to conceive babies has opened countless doors for Karen to minister to those who have previously been without hope of ever bearing children.  She is the founder and CEO of Karen Cross Ministries which reaches men and women around the world with the message of hope that God is still in the miracle-working business today!  Her popular book, "The Baby Book of Promises," a powerful work which brings hope to those struggling with infertility, is now available on audio CD as are some of her favorite teachings.

Presently Karen mentors women from her local jail and leads numerous Bible studies and prayer groups in the Atlanta area where she teaches the integrity of God's Word and the power found in the name of Jesus Christ.