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Miracle Mothers

Through her own desire to have children, God opened new doors in Karen's life to pray for those struggling with infertility.  Today, people from all over the world have conceived babies despite the insurmountable odds and devastating reports from doctors.  "We've seen couples conceive when the doctors said they have no eggs or who have been trying for eight or ten years," says Karen.  "Some have had countless miscarriages; some have spent fortunes pursuing every medical procedure knows to man.  We appreciate and respect the medical community greatly, but we choose to believe that God told the truth in His Word and He is STILL working miracles today!"

Karen's popular Bible studies, national weekly conference call, teaching CDs, prayer groups and conferences offer hope and support to thousands from all denominations and faiths.  The demand for this ministry has prompted her to write her first book, "The Baby Book of Promises," to pen the original song, "The Word Became Flesh," and to start Miracle Mothers International, a global ministry and part of Karen Cross Ministries which is reaching women around the world.

We have a separate website dedicated to Miracle Mothers - www.miraclemothers.org.  Please pass along this information to anyone you know who is praying for a baby.  God is a GOOD God, and He is the giver of LIFE!  Our website will encourage, restore hope, and build the faith of those who are believing God for THEIR miracle baby.