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For more than 25 years, Karen Cross has ministered to both male and female populations in jails and prisons across the state of Georgia.  Her warm, friendly, non-condemning approach to the ladies behind bars has opened countless hearts and provided her the opportunity to share the love of Jesus.

Karen recently shared, "I love these girls with all my heart!  The Lord has blessed me with some of the sweetest relationships with these gals - we squeal with excitement when they enter the chapel and we lay eyes on each other!"

One of the first truths the Lord has her share with the ladies she meets in jail is that the Lord isn't mad at them nor is He disappointed.  Invariably, tears begin to flow down the faces of these precious inmates.  As Karen states, "Sometimes we just get on the wrong bus, but God's all about u-turns and helping us get back on the highway to the abundant life He's promised.  No matter what you've done, the blood of Jesus is stronger than that sin."

In every visitation, whether she's mentoring and teaching in a group session or singing in a chapel service, Karen shares hilarious stories and thrilling testimonies of miracles, signs and wonders, mainly about her walk with the Lord.

Knowing that opinions are not anointed but that the living, anointed Word of God changes lives, Karen is currently writing a power-packed Bible study for female inmates, addressing such subjects as generational curses, how to study the Bible, the power of the tongue, healing in communion, forgiveness, unity, authority of the believer, and other foundational truths.  One of her most pressing goals is to place this booklet in the hands of every woman who enters our correctional facilities to arm them with the sword of the Spirit.

Testimonies From Inmates


Following are excerpts from some of the mail Karen has received from her new friends behind bars:

"Karen, I need you to know that you've touched me mentally and spiritually!!  The passion and understanding that's in you is so beautiful that I want the same thing!  I'm so ready to get to boot camp because I know that means I'm one step closer to home, my kids, my family, school, you and God!  I have so many goals and dreams that I'm ready to pursue that I have ants in my pants! (LOL! [laugh out loud])  I have a loving and caring family that supports me which is something girls here don't have.  I'd love a visit from you here or boot camp if possible!  But know that I'd love even more to see you on the streets!  I love you 'cause you are from God!"  D.D.

"Dear Karen, it is truly a blessing to have the pleasure of being your friend in Christ.  I feel God put you in my life for a very special reason. . . ."  S. C.

"Hello, I was so happy to receive your post card!  It's nice to have a friend that's so cool with the Most High! . . . I hope you know I appreciate all the encouragement you give me and it will not be in vain! . . ."  D. D.

Karen, I was thinkin' about you this morning and I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am that you came into my life.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  I am blessed to have you.  Me and some of the girls were talking about you  this morning.  We really feel in our hearts that you look at us no different just because we are here.  That means a lot to us.  You really don't look down on us for our mistakes and I wanted to say thank you for that. . . . "  N. R.

"Dear Ms. Karen, Thank you for writing to me and may the Lord continue to bless you. . . I am very glad [a friend] told you about me and we are still praying for justice to be served. . . I so enjoyed your letter and hope to hear from you again soon.  I look forward and am so excited about your Bible studies and letters."  N. M.