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What People Are Saying About Karen Cross

"I believe in prayer.  I believe that prayer is the most powerful force on earth.  About ten years ago, I began to experience some dissatisfaction with my life; a certain unease that presaged my being born again March 26, 1997.

Oh, I was happy!  I had a beautiful, loving wife, whom I still have and, God willing, will have until the day I die; wonderful friends and some moderate success, making a living doing something I love.  But something was happening!  Someone I didn't know, someone I had never met, was praying for my wife, Judith, and me.

Karen Cross was praying for us!  I later learned we had other people - neighbors and good friends - praying for us.  We knew them, they knew us.  But Karen was a total stranger.  Now, we know God has a plan.  Of course, we can't always know what the plan is, but I can tell you that Karen Cross is a significant part of that plan.

Got a letter from Georgia!  Some "nut" saying she was praying for me!  Didn't answer.  Later, a package; didn't know what it was, sent it back unopened!  She can't take a hint!  Lady has no "give-up" in her.  When she's fishing for another soul for Jesus, she keeps chunkin' the bait!

Somehow Karen got our phone number and called me.  She said, "Ed, the package had Bibles for you and Judith.  I am NOT a stalker, I am not a nut; God has directed me to pray for you, and I am scareder of Him than I am of you, and I'm not gonna stop."  I asked her to please send back the Bibles.  She did.  They are getting a bit dog-eared now, but Judith and I depend on them.

Thus, began a friendship that has become a familial bonding of brother and sisters in Christ.  I have been privileged to observe her ministering to those in need.  She has touched my heart as she witnessed to others for Jesus.

Karen Cross is a prayer warrior.  I know God hears us all - I think He listens to her."     ~     Ed Bruce

*NOTE:  Ed Bruce is a legendary country music songwriter/singer/actor, whose original song "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" earned him a Grammy.  He has appeared on television and in films for over 30 years and has enjoyed tremendous success as a vocal artist.  After meeting Jesus, his voice is stronger and more anointed than ever!  I am so blessed to have Ed and Judith in my life.  I promote his ministry every chance I get!  Check out his website at www.edbrucemusic.com where you can order his music, including his two new Gospel CDs.  They are AWESOME! 

"Genuine and authentic, Karen Cross is sensitive to the heart of God and the needs of others.  That combined passion makes room for God to do great things.  Her ministry is a conduit, bringing desperate people to a Living God."  ~  Babbie Mason

*NOTE:  Babbie is one of the most anointed, gifted singer/songwriters I've ever had the privilege of knowing and working with, and I consider her a very special friend.  I wish you all could have heard her when we were practicing for her first "album" some 20+ years ago - "I've got to teach you how to sing black!"  So THAT'S where I got that soul, SisterGirl!!  Please visit her website at www.babbie.com, and be sure to tell her husband, Charles, that Karen said you want some of his fried "chicken"!!

"The consecrated life, effervescent enthusiasm, glowing testimony, and unequaled musical ability of Karen Cross make her a choice servant of the Lord.  She is a woman whom you will want to use in your church to encourage your people and provide the kind of music that will bless and thrill their hearts. . .She is, without a doubt, among the most capable and committed singers you will ever have come into your church."    ~    Rev. Tony R. Dickerson, Pinehurst Baptist Church, Columbus, GA

"Karen Cross has been a faithful servant of our Lord to those behind razor wire and steel bars in chapel services at the local jail for many years.  Her anointed teaching and singing talents have been a great inspiration to both the inmates and jail ministry volunteers alike.  We are so blessed to have her share her God-given gifts with us."   ~  Garey McManus, Chaplain, Douglas County Jail Ministry