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Women's Ministry

"I absolutely LOVE women's ministry!" exclaims Karen.  "With all of the hats we wear today, we women need to know from Whom our strength, peace, confidence and power come.  I'm not a feminist, but I'm probably the most liberated woman you'll ever meet!" laughs Karen.  "The Word of God has the answer to every problem we face today.  The Lord LOVES His daughters and is trying to get those answers to us.  I just steer the women in the right direction."  In her meetings, Karen ministers to the whole woman - body, soul and spirit - through song, teaching, and anointed prayer.


A celebrated speaker at women's meetings, retreats and conferences around the country, Karen is famous for her boldness, transparency, honesty and hilarious stories!  Here's what one woman had to say about a conference she presented to the women at her church:

"Recently God led me to do a women's conference entitled "Woman of God."  As He was impressing upon me to find a woman to minister and sing the special music, Karen's name was mentioned to me by two different people.  After speaking with her, it was evident that she was God's woman for the job!  She even sang a song entitled "Woman of God"!  Since I was new at planning conferences, Karen was extremely encouraging and helpful during the planning process, and she was very prayerful in all the steps of preparation.  Once people began receiving the printed flyers about our event, I was told over and over again what an anointed minister Karen was and how excited they were to come hear her speak and sing.  Not only is she extremely funny and had us all laughing constantly, she is down to earth, uncompromising, full of integrity and God's love, and she boldly stands on the Word of God.  I count it a privilege to have met Karen Cross, to now count her among my friends, and I look forward with great excitement to all God's got in store for her in the future."  D.M

Others who have sat under Karen's ministry to women in prayer groups, conferences, and other meetings have had this to say:

"I just love sitting under Karen's ministry!  It never fails - every time I feel discouraged, sad, or battle-weary, I just plug into one of her meetings or listen to one of her CDs, and I'm like a new woman!  She truly ministers the WHOLE gospel of Jesus Christ with POWER and authority.  I just love it and I love her!"  B.S.

"Thank God for someone like Karen who really does believe the whole Word of God!  Our prayer groups are absolutely packed with the power of God because we're learning how to pray with faith.  Thank you, Karen!"  A.F.

"WOW!  When are you going to do another retreat?!  I can hardly wait!  The Holy Spirit ministered so powerfully to me this weekend.  Please let me know when you're ministering again so I can bring my friends!"  T.H.